It is the free procedure submitted before the Film Commission to film in public property of Mexico City (squares, terraces, gardens, sidewalks, passageways, walkways, traffic islands and entrance halls, as well, as well as markets, hospitals and cemeteries) or in public places, provided that it does not block totally or partially the vehicle transit main and secondary roads. The notices must be submitted within a minimum of 12 hours on a working day, before the filming.

The submission of a notice does not exempt the producers from applying the safety measures needed to carry out the authorized filming and, when appropriate, preserve the conditions of the public property used in it.

Contact for notices management:
Tel.: 55-8957-2938

Filming Authorization

It is the procedure made before the Film Commission when a filming is carried out on public places, or when the production vehicles block the partial or total vehicle transit or park in places with specific restrictions.In order to determine the origin of the request, the Commission will analyze that, if there are shootings close or in the same location, the requested filming is viable; that it does not involve vehicle transit limitations in the zone. The authorizations must be requested 3 working days before or 24 hours, on a working day, in case of urgent authorizations; and the corresponding fees must be paid.


Extension of Authorization

It is the procedure made before the Film Commission when the conditions established in the Authorization as well as the causes justify the extension, it will apply only to the audiovisual work considered in the Permit subject thereof. This extension generates a payment of fees.

Modification of Authorization

It is the procedure made before the Film Commission when changes to the conditions in the Authorization obtained are requested regarding the validity, location, safety measures, and number of vehicles. This amendment generates a payment of fees.

 Urgent Authorization

The interested parties may request the Commission the permission of urgent authorizations to film in vehicle transit roads under the jurisdiction of the Mexico City authorities in a term no longer than 24 hours on a working day before the filming. This permit generates a payment of fees.


The payment of fees will increase 50 percent when the requested filming is carried out in the road perimeter that consists of Eje Central Lazaro Cardenas, José María Izazaga and its continuation San Pablo, Anillo de Circunvalación and its continuation Vidal Alcocer, Peña y Peña and its continuation Apartado and República de Perú; as well as the road perimeter constituted by Avenida Hidalgo, Doctor Mora, Avenida Juárez and Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas.

Contact for authorization management: :
Tel.: 55-8957-2938