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In accordance with Article 2 and 10, Item IV, of the Filming Law of Mexico City, the Film Commission of Mexico City carries out the Procedures of the authorizations required to film in public facilities under its administration, before the Agencies, Entities and Delegations of the Public Administration of Mexico City. 

If the shooting will occur in the following common use goods, public facilities and public places, assigned to the Public Administration of Mexico City, we request you do it in advance on the days stated in the time frame of interinstitutional procedures, according to the regulatory framework of the Public Administration of Mexico City with the following procedure:

  1. Have a Record of the Producer according to the Filming Law of Mexico City and its Regulations. Have a filming property damage civil and liability insurance policy in force. 
  2. Send to the official notices/permits e-mail addresses the filming request original signed form addressed to the head of the General Head Office of the Filming Commission of Mexico City, stating the working days in advance for each procedure, as stated in the foregoing chart. 
  3. The filming notices/permits request form must specify: Names, cell phones and e-mails of the Producer, the Locations Manager and the Responsible for the Procedure, mention the Corporate Name or Individual Entity registered and his/her Producers Registry, address of the Location, date and schedules of the shooting on each location, the activities that will be performed in the requested building, and describe the type of project: commercial, short film, full length motion picture, documentary, fixed photograph, governmental, soap opera, etc.  
  4. The Film Commission will formally request the public building, the common use good or public place, through an official letter and provide its institutional support to the shootings.  
  5. The positive or negative answer will depend on the guidelines and availability established by the agencies who manage those buildings, so it can vary depending on each case.

A better communication with the operative areas of the different agencies gives concrete results in favor of your production: